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Hey Beauties! 
Happy Friday! I'm pretty excited about today's post because it kicks off a series I've been working on for Indie Makeup Brands. Now, the term "indie" makeup is nothing new, but I know some of you are like what the heck is an "indie makeup brand"  well the very base of the term is just an independently owned company, however, there is so much more to this term in the beauty industry. An indie makeup brand is one which is innovative, new, and generally a breakthrough in the market, that's why I'm very excited about this series. I wanted to try and shine light on some new and up and coming "Indie Makeup Brands".

The very first one I am highlighting in this series is a Canadian based company Ton Cosmetics
Ton Cosmetics is founded by two sisters Vicki and Maria Barillaro who "together, they developed a brand that embodies the creativity of one sister with the practicality of the other. " They have designed a lipstick collection to help you find the perfect pout with their nine lipstick shades, and all by taking a quick test on their website they pick the perfect shade for you! How cool is that?

If you are interested in taking the test, you can do so here.

The packaging on these babies are gorgeous if you are a girly girl and like a touch of glam, you're going to love the packaging as much I did. They are white and silver, very sleek and have a faux diamond on the lid - so gorg! 

I was graciously sent three shades for testing purposes, and they honestly did a great job of choosing my shade! I was sent the Ultra Luxe Lipstick in NT 1, NT 2, and NT3.

NT1 is a very pretty dark nude, NT 2 was a gorgeous fire engine red and NT 3 was a fuschia pink. I'm absolutely in love with 2 & 3. They were spot on with those two, and NT 1 takes me out of my comfort zone, so I like that too.

I will be posting a swatch video on YouTube soon, so please stay tuned for that! If you'd like to find Ton Cosmetics on Instagram feel free to follow them here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Until next time beauties!


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